Terms & Conditions

Ø Whilst every care is taken of the dogs undergoing treatment & in the maintenance of the water & equipment, all dogs receive hydrotherapy treatment entirely at their owner’s risk.

Ø All treatment courses, including those to be part of an insurance claim, must be paid for in advance. Individual sessions must be paid for on the day of treatment.

Ø Please make sure that your dog is ’clean’—you don’t have to bath them but please don’t bring a muddy dog into the pool or we will not be able to swim them.

Ø If possible, please try to make sure that he goes to the toilet prior to swimming - we have plenty of room on the premises for him to sniff all the doggy smells to stimulate him to go, but please clean up after your dog. Bags are available from the pool room, & there is a bin outside.

Ø Please wear sensible clothing & shoes, ensuring that you don’t mind getting wet … your dog will take great pleasure in shaking all over you after his dip in the pool!

Ø If you need to cancel or change your appointment we require a minimum of 24 hours notice otherwise you will have to pay for your missed session.

Ø Dogs with infectious or contagious conditions OR who have been in contact with infectious or contagious diseases, such as PARVOVIRUS Ear, Eye or Skin infections, gastric upset, kennel cough & so on will not be treated. Owners are advised to cancel all appointments with at least 24 hours notice, until the condition is clear. Normal cancellation conditions will apply. Please consider our dogs & others when your dog has an infectious disease.

Ø Do not stop any medication unless advised by your vet, even if you see an improvement in your dogs mobility.

Ø Bitches in season will not be able to attend sessions until their season has finished.

Ø When not undergoing treatment all dogs will be kept under control & must be on a lead at all times both in & out of the pool room. Please also ensure that dogs do not bark constantly when visiting.

Ø The NCHC cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to any person or animal, or any loss or damage to vehicles or personal property, howsoever occasioned, whilst on company premises.

Ø The NCHC reserves the right to use video footage & photographic stills taken during sessions.

Ø Please do not leave dogs in your car in hot weather - even warm weather can be dangerous to dogs. You are able to bring them into the poolroom on a lead and under control.

Ø We reserve the right to muzzle any dog that shows aggression during the session. We reserve the right to refuse to swim dogs that are aggressive towards us at the pool. Owners are responsible to keep their dogs under control in such circumstances & will be held liable for any damage or injury caused.

Ø We reserve the right to cancel any appointments after such incident as a dog defecating in the pool or situations beyond our control (a power-cut for example) This is purely for Health & Safety reasons to prevent risking the health of any dog / owner. For this reason please make sure that we have a mobile contact number. No compensation will be paid in such circumstances as it will only be done for reasons beyond our control. We also reserve the right to refuse the treatment of any dog aggressive beyond control or whose owner is rude / abusive to our staff.

A full list of T&C is displayed in the pool room at all times.