We look forward to seeing you and your dog soon!


At the Nottingham Canine Hydrotherapy Centre after swimming, your dog can have a dip in our heated Hydro Spa for approximately 5 minutes. This will totally massage their body with warm bubbly water - just like having a Jacuzzi. The hot spa again is fully adjustable to suit your pet.

The Hydro Spa therapy can also be used on its own for dogs with arthritis and stiff painful joints. The warm water is heated to around 35 degrees, and this along with the constant massaging of the skin and muscle, increases the blood flow through the blood vessels.

This increased blood flow plays a major role in reducing swelling and easing painful joints thus increasing mobility.

Often, if joints hurt, they are not used and so the blood flow to them reduces, this makes them stiffer and more painful and so they are moved even less. It can be an ever decreasing circle. After swimming and a hot spa dip, your dog will have a warm shower to rinse the pool water from his coat.

He can then be dried off with our electric dryer. The dryer can be used as a blaster - to gently blast most of the water from your dogs coat, leaving him almost dry to the touch (this can also loosen much of the loose undercoat ready to be brushed out when you get home, especially in longer coated dogs).

Or it can be used as a warm air dryer.

Occasionally some dogs do not like the noise of the dryer, and so, although we will turn it on at each visit to get him used to the noise, we will use towels to rub him dry until he is confident enough to stand under the dryer - again there is no point in forcing him. We want to make his time at the pool a fun time that he will look forward to each week.

Please make sure that you bring a towel of your own with you each week.

When the swimming and drying are finished we will update your records and make your next appointment.

Should you have any questions regarding swimming your dog, or should you wish to see a demonstration, please contact us and we will be happy to see you to discuss anything you might like to ask.