Our 'Hands-on' approach gives reassurance to your dog


Hydrotherapy has been used for thousands of years to exercise
people, horses & more recently dogs, in a weight free environment.

Virtually impact free, swimming in clean, warm water in a controlled environment exercises virtually every muscle in the body without the constant jarring to joints caused when walking & running. For this reason alone swimming is ideal exercise for lame, injured, arthritic & overweight dogs, pre & post operative dogs, working & show dogs to increase overall fitness & well being.

Here at the Nottingham Canine Hydrotherapy Centre, we can cater for your hydrotherapy requirements, with over 15 years experience we are one of the longest established centres in the UK.  Our primary aim is to help dogs recovering from surgery, injury or illness, however, we swim dogs for weight control, fitness, fun & overall increased mental & physical well being.

Steve is a fully Qualified Canine Hydrotherapist holding the Level 3 Diploma & Level 3 Certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy. He is in the pool on every session with every dog no matter how big or small or whatever the reason for swimming. We were one of the pioneering centres to develop our own unique methods of swimming dogs with Steve in the pool, leading to many other new hydrotherapy centres requesting us to train them in our preferred methods.

We are often copied, but rarely bettered!

Our centre is absolutely unique - our pool is completely individually built to our own specification & design.  With a gentle ramp access up to the wide pool-top platform, then into the pool via level steps or by our gentle hoist for larger or disabled dogs.

Our floors & ramp are non-slip for extra safety.

Our pool is equipped with anti-swim jets that can be used as your dog’s fitness & stamina increases allowing your dog to swim into the water jets.

The pool & hot spa are fully heated, filtered & checked daily to ensure the optimum in temperature, pH levels & hygiene.

Your dog is totally supported at all stages of the session & we have built our reputation on treating your dog better than if it were one of our own - just as any owner would expect.

And we don’t forget you during the session, we are on hand to give you the support that you may need on the first session so that you are aware of what your dog is experiencing and how much you being there will mean to your dog.

Your dog will complete his swim with a relaxing dip in our Hot Hydro Spa, where his whole body will be gently massaged with millions of bubbles.

This is a facility that is not always used / available at other pools, but in our opinion it is paramount to the overall treatment. Our Hot Spa is also ideal for dogs that are not swimming, but just need to loosen up & relax.  Perfect for dogs with arthritis & elderly dogs, you will be surprised just how this simple therapy can help to improve your pets mobility - it’s just like having a warm Jacuzzi!

The spa temperature is maintained at 37 degrees - warmer than the pool - this helps to ensure the blood circulates to the extreme muscles in the limbs after a swim & keeps the oxygen supply to the muscles - all of which helps to prevent muscle cramps & joint stiffness which helps the healing process & reduces swelling.

The bubbles stimulate the skin & muscles, gently massaging the whole body.

Following the Hot Spa your dog will be rinsed in a warm water shower, towelled dry & then blow dried.