We look forward to seeing you and your dog soon!


From May 2023 each session costs £37.00 & lasts from half an hour to 40 minutes as your dog's fitness improves & their swimming times increase.

Larger breeds and long/heavy coated dogs may take longer due to coat drying times.

Complex patients where 2 or more therapists or increased session times in the pool are required will be charged accordingly.

We accept Cash & Cheques for payment & payment is due at EACH session.

Sorry but we currently DO NOT accept debit/credit cards.

Many Insurance Companies will reimburse the costs for Hydrotherapy treatment - however there are some that will not cover session costs. It is your responsibility to check the Policy Wording prior to booking your session. We cannot be held responsible for any Insurance Company that refuses to refund your costs. 

We can complete claim forms and send them off, however we do not allow Direct Insurance Claims. You will be required to pay for your treatment at each appointment and claim it back from the Insurance Company.