"we are often copied, but rarely bettered"

 Nottingham Canine Hydrotherapy Centre owners Steve & Amanda Powell
 have shared their lives with Pedigree dogs for over 40 years.

 As owners, breeders & even judging Rottweilers & Pembroke Corgis for over  30 years, they originally began hydrotherapy not as a business, but with their
 original pool only for their own dogs following injury & also to build general

 They were then approached by local veterinary practices to offer hydrotherapy
 services to their clients whose dogs had suffered various injuries.

 So in 2001, the Nottingham Canine Hydrotherapy Centre was born!

 The centre is based in Hucknall - Nottinghamshire in just over a quarter of an
 acre of what  many of their clients consider is a tranquil & inviting ‘little bit of the
 countryside in the town’.